About Us

Welcome to Doodle Barnett!

What is Doodle Barnett about?

Doodle Barnett is the best and greatest comic site you can find on the internet. Why it is the best? Well, because we have the best staff on board from the U.K, who love and live for comic. May it be comic books, movies, series, these guys know every page, minute, character and frame from them. Our writers have dedicated their lives to write about these kind of things, and they are the masters at it. If you keep on reading daily, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

What will you find on the site?

The main aspect of our site is reviews. We will review everything what is comic related, but aside that there will be many articles about recent changes, new shows, and a weekly podcast about the latest comic news. This is the place where comic book and sci fi lovers can find the latest news, and find theories. We are currently working on a partnership program with several famous comic book brands, to make them avalaible for you online, for a less and monthly payment. This means that you will find the best comic books in one place, and read it online or download it to your kindle and read it there. This is still in the works, but you will surely see it in the near future!

The History of Doodle Barnett

Doodle Barnett has been founded by two friends from Great Crosby back in two thousand and two. They both loved reading comic books and why not share that with the rest of the world? While Doodle Barnett first started out as a forum for Comic Book enthusiast, later on it formed itself into a news site. Me and Joshua soon realized, that writing news every day, and bringing fresh content to the table is hard and time consuming. Fortunately our site has brought enough funds by then, that we could employ two other really good people Charles and Matt. This meant more content, and more free time for us. Anyone who is running a business, knows that outsourcing is the key to everything. You can’t do everything by yourself. We have began to grow and grow, and by 2015, we have reached over 5000 daily visitors. That is when we decided to form this into a real company, and take thing more seriously, and we have been doing that ever since then.

The Creators

Micheal Pratt, founder

Micheal is the founder of Doodle Barnett and the main full time employee of our company, as a comic book reporter. Micheal has been in the comic book game for a very very long time, and is the best in the group. (<-This was written by Micheal)

Joshua Barter, co-founder

Joshua is the co founder of Doodle Barnett and had a great role in bringing the company to the state where it is at currently. If you are looking for someone who is a great writer, and a great entrepreneur, Joshua is your guy.

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